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Qui docet, discit (He who teaches, learns)

We had a fantastic start to the new term yesterday with staff from GRW and GRK meeting for the first of two INSET days to prepare for the year ahead. When staff were asked what areas they wanted more training in, almost everyone requested a deeper insight into autism. We would therefore like to thank Caroline, a parent of one of our pupils with autism, who gave so much of her time to provide an amazing presentation, interesting discussion and answered so many questions. We also had a presentation on body language, the human brain, our freeze, flight or fight state and pacifying behaviours. Lastly we were reminded that the roots of our company lies with the arts and drama, and role played various situations to enable us to identify and prevent certain behaviours escalating unnecessarily, and preparing staff for a variety of circumstances.

Today we are back for day two with presentations on the Culture, Character and Currency of the school. The currency being what our pupils leave our school with, their qualifications. (We were delighted with our pupils results in the summer!) The culture being how we create an environment where everyone can feel safe and inspired. The character being how every one of our pupils can be open to change, challenge their fears and be brilliant people.

Day 1 tomorrow, we're ready and looking forward to another great year at the Green Room.

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