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Careers Coffee Morning

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Last Friday The Green Room School hosted its very first Careers Coffee Morning at The Swan. We invited local professionals and employers to network with pupils, educating them about the world of work as they prepare for adulthood.

By using the format of 'careers speed dating' pupils were able to quiz careers volunteers about the realities of work and the journey they have taken into their current vocation. It was fantastic to see our young people engage and socialise with new people and more importantly have conversations that can inform potential pathways for their future.

Some of our favourite quotes from the coffee morning were:

"I had applied six times before I finally got the job...sometimes I have to wake up at 3am to get to work, I don’t mind, because I enjoy it. The earlier you wake up, the more you get paid". - Emily - Virgin Ground Crew

"Taking a year out to get some skills has been so’ve got to be able to take a joke!" - Micheal - The Swan

"’Im self-employed, which takes more discipline, but I have more freedom" - Sam - Personal Trainer

"It's great to have ambitions and dreams, but act on them now. You're young enough to take risks and pursue your what you want from life" - Rhys - London Irish Rugby Club

"I started by colouring in my Dad’s electrical drawings. I liked them, I wanted to make them...I enjoy my work, in my head I am working most of the time" - Noel - Danks Bandall Architects

"I’ve worked at Waitrose for 38 years. If you get the chance to do something you like, do it" - Fergus - John Lewis

"You don’t necessarily need to know about the job, to get the job." - George - Vodafone

"I need a team. We are always just one part of what is going on" - Jerry - Professional Camera Man

"Think about everything you do, put stuff in your CV that jumps out at me. Employers are more interested in the person than the qualifications they have". - Kate - PepsiCo

"The Coffee Morning was Careers education at its finest and we certainly look forward to doing more events in the future of a similar nature. The Green Room would like to thank those involved and express our greatest appreciation to those who gave up their time. You have affected our pupils’ future in ways you didn't know was even possible. It is difficult to express with words how grateful we are. - Daniel (Deej) - Careers Advisor and Job Coach at The Green Room School

Both pupils and staff had a fantastic time throughout the coffee morning and we were hugely impressed by the response of both the pupils and those generous enough to give up their time. Pupils felt empowered by the information they were given and are far more at ease about making decisions surrounding their future. It was fantastic to see the Windsor community invest time in our pupils and give them relevant information not usually found in a Careers scheme of work or syllabus


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