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GR Fest 23

It was another marvellous festival over at GRK to cap off a successful year. The festival is a true Green Room tradition and represents the one time in our entire calendar when the entire Foundation comes together as one. And it is for just that reason that we pull out all the stops for the summer term celebrations. The highlight, as always, was our Leavers Prom - giving an apt farewell to those members of our cohorts who are moving on. But there was plenty of other superb things going on: Throwing Land, the giant inflatables, the Fire Bowl, the Lawn Games or indeed, the delicious food that was put on for us all via a combination of John the Greek and some very hard working and dedicated members of our staff. The most pleasing thing to see though was so many of our pupils using the opportunity to challenge themselves, to push boundaries, to make new friendships and to become an even more dedicated member of the Green Room family. Check out the photos here


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