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Horticulture Lessons

We have been planting lots of lovely vegetables in the allotment and polytunnel for our Horticulture lessons this term which the pupils have really enjoyed. Their engagement and great attitude towards learning about the different vegetables they can plant and grow, how to do this successfully, how to prick out the plants once the seeds have germinated and how to maintain a healthy and happy plant, has been a joy for us all. Having a newly tidied allotment with newly planted vegetables means the pupils have also made some very impressive scarecrows in their Horticulture lessons too. As you can imagine, they loved this and really got stuck into designing them, getting the right materials, bringing in some second hand clothes for the scarecrows to wear and putting the scarecrows together as part of a team (and even naming them!!) We now have 3 very well dressed scarecrows in the allotment keeping our vegetables safe so that we can eventually harvest them and eat them for lunch here!  


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