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Police Horse Training Yard

On Thursday 27th February, GRK pupils went on a brilliant school trip to the City of London Police Horse Training Yard for the day. This is such a rare opportunity for people outside of the police force, so we’re very grateful to have had this chance. Despite the chilly weather, the pupils and staff loved it. We started the day meeting a few of the horses and took part in an exercise labelling some of the horses' body parts and learning about their structure. We learnt about what police horses and mounted police officers do on a daily basis and the extremely difficult training they all have to go through. We also had the rare opportunity of watching the horses engage in "Nuisance Training" which was fascinating! We watched the well-trained horses walking through every day "nuisances" that they might be faced with in real life out on the busy and loud streets of London City, such as bright road signs, loud noises and objects blocking their path. We all learnt so much about not just police horses and mounted police officers but horses in general, which will come in handy in further equine lessons. A fantastic school trip!


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