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The Champions Cup

The Champions Cup has come to a close after a tightly fough Benchball competition this half term. We are delighted to be able to take part in full school sports sessions again with the lifting of COVID restrictions. We have made good use of public spaces to carry out the tournament in which six teams have competed for the right to raise the Champions Cup. Pupils and staff have scored 184 goals over 38 indivdual matches this half term, However, with 35 points the Pink Panthers topped the league table - well done!

Worthy of special mention and awards are:

GR6 pupil Reece, who was 'Player of the Tournament' and was chosen to raise the Champions Cup for his improvement and commitment throughout . Head Coach of The Pink Panthers Matthew Allen had this to say:

"Reece is a formidable force in front of the bench, he has grown into his defensive position and as a result is one of the best defensive players in the league, the Panthers took an early lead in the league table and this was in no doubt partly down to our man in front of the bench. Reece emcompasses what the Panthers stand for and is the beating heart of our team".

The following pupils were also awarded GR Sport Golden Whistles for their performance, development and enthusiasm throughout the league:

Jack for The Purple Nomads

Oliver for The Age of Orange

Jessica for The Blue Bandits

McKenzie for The Green Machine

Rosie for The Black Sparrows

Well done to everyone!

The Champions League Table:


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