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The GR Bike Shop

The GR Bike Shop is into its second week and pupils are well on their way to creating a fleet of school bikes. So far they've been stripping down some donated bikes to find and replace worn out components, and some have started to prepare their frames for the paint shop (or large cardboard box!) Over the course of the Bike Shop program, which dovetails with virtual Engineering classes on the mechanics of bicycles, pupils will replace and repair, recondition, and then ride their new(ish) bikes - all adorned with a fresh Green Room livery. They're learning new skills, improving their manual dexterity by using hand tools and the end goal will see them gaining independence by learning to safely ride their bikes in a town scenario. If you have any unwanted kids or adult bikes clogging up your shed or garage, then please think about donating them to the GR Bike Shop. We can safely collect from anywhere in the local area.


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