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The Green Room Virtual Flower Show

While The Green Room took its name from the school's theatrical origins, the moniker couldn't be more apt with so many of our students showing a keen appreciation of nature and the beauty around them. This has become especially evident as we move towards summer and have the opportunity to spend more time in our gardens or nearby green spaces. In Windsor, staff and students have all been part of a virtual garden chat room, where they have been sharing pictures of the beautiful plants and flowers they have seen. Now, in tandem with the Royal Horticultural Society’s (virtual) Chelsea Flower Show, we are holding our very first, annual Green Room Virtual Flower Show. Students are being asked to take pictures of their favourite flowers and plants and trees. The best entries will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze (by our panel of august horticultural judges) and the ultimate prize will be a chance to plant real life specimens in the Green Room allotment. Submissions started on Wednesday, May 18th and will end after half term.

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