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We have some lovely feedback from Parents/Carers, current and ex-pupils.

"I just wanted to get in touch and acknowledge the fantastic start you have given him in his first week of secondary school. We have seen and experienced such a change in him since he started with you last Monday. After 8 years of battling every single day to get him in to nursery and then primary school and seeing our fun, jovial child retreat into depression, we are now seeing a young man who is looking forward to school and beginning to engage in family life" - GRK Parent

"Thank you for everything this year, it's been amazing, I've never been so happy in my life!" - GR6 pupil

"The fact that he now jumps out of bed to come to school is unbelievable. He just wants to stay forever really! I’m amazed at how far he has come, it’s such a relief all round - GRW Parent

"The difference we have seen in him since he has been attending The Green Room has been fantastic... Attending TGR has given him hope for his future, for which we are all really grateful." - GR6 Parent

"Thank you for having her in your school, I really don't know where she would be now if it wasn't for you all, you turned her around and understood, she needed help and you took her in, and help make her the person she is now" - GRK parent

"You have all impacted my life in various different ways, which has shaped me into the person I am now. I am a completely different person to the one that walked in the door on the first day, both physically and mentally. So to all the staff at The Green Room, thank you. I will never forget what you have done for me, it is an honour to be part of The Green Room family." - GRW ex-pupil

"GRK has turned my anxious, traumatised and angry little boy into a confident and proud young man" - GRK parent

"I can honestly say he's like a different boy. The confidence you've given him is just amazing. You get him. I honestly don't know where he'd be if he hadn't come to you so I thank you from the bottom of my heart." - GR6 parent

"She's such a different person now, I can barely recognise her. It used to be such a struggle for her to go to mainstream school. She used to come home from school and tell me how she doesn't want to live anymore. She's now always looking forward to going to school and cannot wait to come back in full time. You guys have brought the best out of her and I'm so grateful" - GRW parent

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