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New Skilled For Life Courses

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A new set of Skilled For Life units started last week, so the pupils split into 3 groups and spent Thursday participating in each one on rotation. These courses will last for the next 6 weeks and they are:

Keeping Clean – this teaches pupils about day to day tasks, personal hygiene and the running of a house, for example last week’s session was on laundry – separating colours, bio and non bio washes and clothing cleanliness.

Hospitality and Catering – this is looking at the industry as a whole, including customer service, one to one service and the roles within the Hospitality and Catering industry, for example waiter, bartender, barista, concierge and hotel manager.

Woodwork – this is giving the pupils the opportunity to design and make their own keepsake box, using various tools to carve and create it, and deciding what they want to keep in it.

Some photos will follow!

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