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Come and see Surplus de Cirque

As you may know, The Green Room is part of the parent company, Everyday Arts, whose roots lie in Drama and the Arts. Here at The Green Room we highly value the positive impact that creativity can have on a pupil and their development as people. Most of our team here are performers themselves and like to practice what they preach, therefore, Deej, our PE and Horticulture teacher, in conjunction with Windsor Tech (who provide our Technical Theatre course) have produced a piece of theatre called Surplus De Cirque, and Lexie and Ash, (our Operations Manager and LSA respectively) are starring in the show! The show is being performed at Windsor Art Centre on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th February and is described:

“The Surplus De Cirque is unquestionably unique, an interactive theatre performance like no other. As the audience embarks on a memorable journey, they are taken from their comfort zone and thrown into a emotional theatrical realm. Enveloped in the mystery, they partake in the performance, switching from onlooker to character, whilst their senses are bombarded and challenged.”

If this intriguing show sounds like your idea of a great night, visit for more information about the show, the plot, the characters, the background behind the production team and also, most importantly, to book tickets!

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