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Parents Evening

Parents and pupils who will be taking their GCSE exams this summer were invited to The Green Room in Windsor last night to find out more about what lies ahead!

GCSE's can be a stressful time for all 15/16 year olds in the country at this time of year, but the messages were clear...

Do your best!

So that when you get your results in August there will be no regrets. If you ask any 6th former what advice they would give, it is just that, work hard and do your best.

Practise, practise, practise

In lessons, in your walking talking mocks, practise papers and online (through Tassomai, the Maths App, youtube, bbc bitesize, our /sites and our Google Classrooms)

Just a little bit every day will go a long way to knowing your stuff, feeling calmer and more confident.

We are here to help! Even over Easter, if you want something, email your teachers. it's ok.

We also heard about GR6 so there is something to focus on after all these exams are over.

Click here to see the presentation from last night, which has useful tips and information

Thank you for coming everyone and thank you to our 6th formers for creating the refreshments.

Here's to a successful summer!

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