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European Day Of Languages

In celebration of the European Day of Languages, our usual Wednesday Circle time "The Mid Week Memory Mangler" was based on the pupils' knowledge of Europe and the various languages and culture. The Memory Mangler is a weekly quiz where pupils have the opportunity to win a Great British Pound by answering questions on things they have done in lessons that week...'mangling' their memories! The lucky winner then has the chance to keep that pound or take a chance on a different prize hidden in the skull, "What's in the skull!" (named Loric). Well done to this week's winner who opted for the skull and pulled out 2.50 Euros! As a bonus, he won the pound as well by correctly 'approximating' how much 2E50 is in GBP (£2.25)...garcon chanceux!

Today is a day to celebrate diversity and plurilingualism. With only 6% of the world's countries speaking English and 75% of the world speaking no English at all, it is no longer 'alright' to speak English slowly and loudly and expect the world to understand! All lessons will have some 'je ne sais quoi' today and lunch will be estupendo! All pupils will have the chance to learn a language after half term in their 4th Dimension slots...tenha um dia maravilhoso!

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