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Tom Yendell

In the name of the Art this week The Green Room Kingsley received an inspirational visit from artist Tom Yendell.

Born in Winchester 1962 without arms Tom and his family have sustained an ernest anchor on life’s labours. Tom studied art at school and kept a fluid art career while maintaining an enthusiastic and audacious outlook on life.

What a remarkable experience for our young developing artists at GRK to witness some of Tom’s impressive stories ranging from how he obtained his scuba licence in Australia, worked in Ghana raising money for less fortunate children and securing books for education.

He also shared his love for driving and his modified car, designed by a local engineer.

Tom was given a delightful tour of the school grounds by pupils and discovered what we do at T

he Green Room to be insightful and creative for those in need of alternate structured schooling.

We wish Tom Yendell all the very best and look forward to seeing him again soon.

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