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LSA - Maternity Cover

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

JOB TITLE: Learning Support Assistant (Maternity Cover)

LOCATION: Windsor, Berkshire

REPORTING TO: Head of School


To provide support to the Teacher whilst they perform their daily tasks in the learning environment with an assigned group of young people. Be responsible for making the learning environment ready for teaching prior to the beginning of each session and helping the teacher whilst the session is in progress. Ensure the students are following their schemes of work and life plans as set by the tutor. Outside session times perform administrative tasks and make sure that the teacher is satisfied with the learning environment. Take part in all kinds of sessions and activities throughout a typical working period. Ensure the safety and welfare of the students during on-site and off-site activities. Promote the aims of our organisation, and reinforce our ethos. Most importantly inspire our students to be kind, brave and honest and true to themselves.

This is a part time position Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from the 2nd November 2019 - 20th May 2020

Download the full job description and job requirements here.

Can you be an extraordinary role model to pupils and staff alike? Our success is built on outstanding staff/pupil relationships and creating a safe environment for our pupils to thrive. Experience is useful but your patience, work ethic and love of our ethos is even more important to us. If you’d like to help our pupils overcome their issues to achieve great things inside the classroom, please apply to join our brilliant team.

If this is you, send us your CV and a covering letter explaining why to


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