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Bushcraft Adventures

At GRK, the pupils have been building and trying out a new ‘tight rope’ obstacle adventure in their bushcraft lessons. They showed teamwork and effort planning and building it, and then had an absolute blast climbing across it one by one. After having a few practice goes and growing more confident with it, a timer was set to see who could cross it the fastest. The fastest record time so far is 32 seconds! They all loved this activity and climbed eagerly across it, giving it their best shot, feeling exhilarated and proud of themselves - and rightly so! They all did an amazing job. Bushcraft lessons are always enjoyable as well as educational, teaching pupils to learn practical skills they can apply to life. Pupils have also recently built a swing and attached it to a tree in the bushcraft/woodland area using wood, rope, relevant tools and teamwork. They learned how to chop and split wood with an axe, make and start a fire and bonfire and also how to properly cook food over a fire - just to name a few things! Pupils are always supervised and supported by our very talented and skilled bushcraft teacher as well as an LSA and it’s a lesson that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.



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