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Exploring Virtual Worlds

We’ve all been exploring the virtual world a bit more as the physical world is less safe than we’d like, but for some that’s nothing new or novel. Take a GR6 student and place them in the virtual world of Minecraft, a place of infinite possibilities and wonder where the normal rules of the universe don’t apply, and they’ll do more than thrive, they’ll blow your mind! That’s what we’ve been witnessing this week, as the students have begun constructing a Rube Goldberg Machine in their Minecraft world, as part of a global schools esports competition. If you’ve ever wondered what this hugely popular educational game was all about, watching the students of GR6 play it together will open your eyes. Apart from unlimited creative possibilities, there’s loads of science, logic and even maths to work through as they grow their world. The game also promotes the core ROCCIT values which we’re all about; we’re seeing huge amounts of communication, teamwork, initiative and organisation from all involved. Great work in both the physical and virtual world, from our physical and virtual students alike!


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