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GR6 Help with Community Nature Reserve

GR6 students (mostly) aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and last week some of them got positively filthy down at the Market Garden helping to prepare the ground for a new nature reserve. The community-minded bunch at GR6 spent the day at the allotments, removing huge amounts of debris and accumulated rubbish that had been left in an overgrown corner of the site over the years. They were lending a helping hand to the Windsor Allotments and Home Gardeners Association (WAHGA), which oversee the Clewer park allotments and are installing the nature reserve. The plan to create a secure, wooded space for nature to thrive, on a site right next to the Green Room’s Market Garden, is genuinely exciting as it will give our young ecologists the chance to study the boost to biodiversity it’s hoped the project will deliver.


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