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GR6 Wheeler Dealers

The wheeler dealers of GR6 have had a right old time at Sunbury Antiques Market!  As part of our Bargain Hunt recreation, we gave each student £5.00 to head out into the weird and wonderful world of curios, trinkets and old knickknackery.  They've spent that money today on some delightful pieces - some may even have been called Bobby Dazzlers by David 'The Duke' Dickinson if he were there! Hopefully, our bargain hunters can turn a tidy profit at auction. Watch this space for the sale room action at the end of the month with @windsorauctions Lots of fun was had, and it was great to see our students interacting with the colorful characters who ply their trade in the antiques game. As part of their ROCCIT program, this activity was all about Communication, Initiative and Teamwork, but with the cold weather thrown in, there was a fair bit of Resilience on display too!


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