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Market Garden

Last week started with snow on the ground and a real chill in the air, especially down at the Market Garden. That didn’t deter our hardy students from enjoying the beautiful winter sunshine with a hot brew from our camp kettle. There’s never been a better time to brush up on those survival skills and this term we’ve allocated lots of time out in the (semi) wild out our Market Garden where we’re building a bushcraft and camp cooking area. We’ve been learning about fires,how to split logs safely and make kindling, and how to build and stack a log pile. Brushing up on our bushcraft skills hasn’t completely replaced gardening, and we’re still shovelling compost on a regular basis and getting the no-dig beds ready for a bountiful crop come the growing season. Come rain or shine or snow, our GR6 Allotmenteers are ready for action. Give the GR6 Instagram account a follow for more pictures.


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